Introduction to Second Life Geography, Part 4 - Chamonix City

A Skylift up to Mount Blanc where you can try a variety of winter sports.

Chamonix City is actually a group of private regions connected to the Mainland by a bridge. 

Chamonix City was inspired by the first Winter Olympics Games in Chamonix, France, in 1924. Here you can participate in many of the Olympic Sports of that period like skiing, ski jumping, bob sledding, ice hockey, and speed skating.

Approaching Chamonix City

See the snowman on the ledge?  Look down to see why snowmen bungee jumping is not a good idea. 

There is a balloon tethered nearby.  Click the launch button to start a ten-minute tour which will drop you off at Cross Check. 

If you are driving, there are traffic tunnels with multiple branches.

Things to Do In Chamonix City: 

Near the front of the large Brooks Arena you can find a teleport station and a booth with information about the Global Online Hockey Association. Go further inside to see an impressive ice hockey arena, one of many sports arenas in Chamonix City.

Look around for the bowling alley, arcade, and two Avatar Portrait Stations.

You can adjust poses, particle effects, and backgrounds.

The Ski Jump on Mount Blanc is one of several winter sports.  Get your free ski boots before you try ski jumping. There is an easier ski trail to one side, and skis, boots, and snowboards are offered. It's fun!

The Bobsled Area  has a great course. 

Try to get down in one piece!

Take more skylift rides from the Neutral Zone

A teleport board in the Neutral Zone took me to Treesong Park where there is an outdoor hockey arena in Cross Check

One of several teleport stations.

There is also a Speed Skating Arena

In my opinion Chamonix City is a great place to try different winter sports. Unfortunately, the Destination Guide just lists it under "ball sports" areas. 

There is also an older excellent article about Chamonix City by Inara Pey. 

There are signs that Chamonix City may be fading. I could find no recent information online, and the four times I visited recently there was only one other resident there, who was AFK. The scripts seemed to be being maintained, and someone has put up a "No to War" sign, but there were no other signs of life. One thing I noticed is that the region appears to be owned by Mogura Linden - Super Secret Land Mole - other times I have seen Lindens shown as owners was when, for example, Simple's Zoo was in limbo and eventually ended up being abandoned and auctioned. 

These are great regions, and I had fun trying out the different sports. I would like to think that someone will take over and do more advertising. In the meantime, enjoy it while you can.

More information on the Second Life Wiki.

Introduction to Second Life Geography, Part 3 - The Snowlands

The Snowlands in Sansara (The regions to the left that form a cross are Chamonix).

What to do in the Snowlands:

Visit The Wengen Infohub. Chalet Linden remains relatively unchanged since it was first built in 2004. There are some quirky touches around the Chalet area. Beware snow monsters and marauding pumpkins.

Chalet Linden by moonlight.

Pick up free ice skates.

Take a train ride.  Nearby is Wengen Rez Zone, where you can catch a train for a lovely ride through some of the most beautiful parts of the Snowlands, to ONSR Okemo Canyon Station and beyond.

Watch the Aurora Lindenalis : Across the river is the Voss Lake Rezz Zone and Aurorae viewing area.

Take the Ski Lift. At the base of the ski lift you can pick up some free ski boots. 

Ski Lift from Wengen

Ski, snow tube, or sled down the mountain: Make your selection at the top of the ski lift.

The sign is not encouraging.

Visit the Hyperborea Gallery. 

Hyperborea Gallery

Sled downhill from another place where Abnor Mole has put a sled you can use; however, you have to watch out for moles, rock monsters, and penguins. 

Visit a small lodge in Zermat open to the public. Nearby is a Winter Festival Viewing Area

View from Lodge towards Winter Festival Viewing Area

Get a FREE Winterfest 2009 Linden Bear near the trail. Many other interesting things to discover in the area.

Visit a Gingerbread House: In another part of the Snowlands, on protected land in Hanson, there is  a Gingerbread House. Farther up the hill is another small sledding area. At the bottom of the hill are a Winter Clock Spire and bridge by Garden Mole and on another side is a small picnic area. Note: Nearby parcels have been landscaped to blend in with the Protected Land; however, they are private. 

Downstairs it's all sweetness and light, upstairs........

Visit the Explorer's Information Center in Disi where you can get a map of off-road routes in the Snowlands. There is a rez zone next door in case you want to start off-roading right away. 

Explore the rivers: In Steamboat a generous resident has provided kayaks. In Anton Park another resident provides a motorboat for public use.* Ben & Michael Linden have provided inner tubes in Tethys.

Visit St. Thaddeus Monastery, part of the Public Land Preserve*. 

*Thanks to Yukiko Yeshto for information about the free water vehicles and the monastery. Yukiko Yeshto provides great tours throughout Second Life and does a lot of research on the areas she chooses. I've taken several of her tours and highly recommend them. Check out her wixsite article about ONSR:

Introduction to Second Life Geography, Part 2 - The Mainland & Premium Home Continents (Updated from an earlier article)

An unofficial map showing Mainland, Second Life

By 'Mainland' I mean Corsica, Gaeta 1, Gaeta V, Heterocera, Jeogeot, Nautilus, Sansara, Satori (sometimes called 'Maebaleaia'), Sharp (TSL or Teen Second Life) and Zindra.

The above map shows every Mainland continent except Zindra, which is far away to the East.

Also shown is one of the four "First Generation" Premium Home Continents, and the current expanse of Bellisseria - the "Second Generation" Premium Home Continent, which is continually growing.

I have chosen one landmark in each location. 


GAETA 1: Often called "The Unfinished Continent"

Gilpatric Pier - Gaeta 1

Gilpatric Pier has sailboats and kayaks for you to borrow.


Libestus Pier  There is a Rez zone here, and a BBB stamp kiosk. One thing that is interesting about Gaeta V is that Route 7 goes underwater in some places.   What happened to Gaeta II, II, and IV? I am told that if you look at the World Map under certain conditions you can see where they were originally planned to be, but they were never completed. 



Temple of the Prim, Kwaite, Corsica. 

You might enjoy taking the rocky path down from the Temple of the Prim


Harry's GoCarts, Meiji West

Sharp Continent (TSL or 'Teen Second Life') used to be the place teenagers could stay before they were old enough to be allowed on the Mainland. It is not considered by many to even be a continent because it no longer has the 30 regions needed to qualify.   Apparently when Teen Second Life land was integrated into the main grid in January 2011 some of their regions were taken away. Duplicate Regions were integrated into Bay City.

Harry's GoCarts, Teen Second Life (Sharp)


Snout Point, Route 2, Heterocera Atoll.  Heterocera has wonderful roads if you'd like to try a road trip.

Picnic and view area at one end of Route 2


ZINDRA: Is tucked away on the far right of the map. It was separated from the other continents and is rated "Adult" but is safe to visit unless you are easily offended.   There are some beautiful and interesting places there, and some really icky ones.

Mole May Day Memorial

Mole May Day Memorial



Outer Harbor

Nautilus covers a large area. The old citadel was allegedly discovered by the explorer Magellan in 2011.  I have been told that Nautilus has perhaps the worst surface roads but the best water routes in Second Life.  

The ancient horn on the lighthouse sends a particle warning signal inland.


Horizons Protected Land - Horizons is just off Zindra. The residential area was set up with 1024 parcels with double-prim allowances. The parcels can be sold, but not split or terraformed. The parcels each came with a choice of futuristic houses, but most have been replaced with more ordinary structures. For whatever reason, any lots for sale usually have highly inflated prices. 

My avatar stands on a hillock near one of the original Horizons houses.



Satori is sometimes caused "The Japanese Continent" but anyone can live there.

This landmark should put you in front of the Limoncello Art Gallery Annex in Nanga Region. This is an amazing collection of art but don't try to see it all at once.

Silas Merlin's sculptures: 'Wooden Mermaid', and 'Mouse King'


Second Life Primitive Museum - An excellent museum with information about Second Life History.

A Greenie relaxes and listens to music.



Pod Tour Station, Castall Yavanna Take a pod tour to see more of northern Jeogeot.



First Generation Premium Home Continents

In the past Premium members had only 512 free tier to use, and they could use that to save tier after buying land, or they could choose one of the First Generation Premium Homes. They could choose the theme of the house, but had to take the model assigned to them or abandon it and choose another. Prim allowance on First Generation Premium homes is 175. The themes were Meadowbrook (Contemporary), Shareta Osumai (Traditional Japanese), Tahoe (A- Frame Cabins) and Elderglen (Fantasy). There are still many residents living in these homes. It is rumored that Linden Labs plans to eventually get rid of the older homes.  

If you look at the map you can see there are actually four Premium Home Continent.  All of them have a collection of the same themes, but each has its own unique features. 

Elderglen outbuilding - The larger building up the hill is an info hub, but the buildings below have some interesting freebies. 

Free fairy catching kits, skulls, lamps, and potions.


BELLISSERIA is the "Second Generation" Premium Home Continent. It opened in April 2019 and has gradually increased its regions and housing options. 

The new Sakura Regions opened for residents today. This is part of the Community Center. 

New Community Center in Sakura

Rough Map of Bellisseria 

As you can see, Bellisseria, the Second Generation Premium Home Continent, covers a large area. Although some areas, like Sakura, and the Fantasy Home Regions have their own islands, some of the other areas have a combination of different types of housing. For more information visit the Bellisserian Bureau of Bureaucracy


This is just a tasting tour. I tried to pick one interesting landmark in each area, but I hope you will keep on exploring Second Life. 


Introduction to Second Life Geography - Part 1, the Map (Update of Earlier Article)

The World Map

World Map, Zoomed Out

If you are in Second Life, and open Map View, and zoom out, you will see the above image. The yellow circle shows the location of your avatar; the house symbol represents the location you have designated as home. At this resolution you cannot see the other symbols. The larger objects in the center are the continents of the Mainland, Premium Home continents, and private Regions.

This is not ALL of Second Life; however. You can drag the map around to see more.

Drag the map around to see the edges of Second Life.

Now, enlarge the map.

A closer view.

Here is a closer view from the same location. You can see the yellow circle showing the avatar, but you can also see the small green dots representing other avatars. I have added lines between each Region. Now you can see why being in Second Life is sometimes referred to as "being in the Grid". Under the Region name is the rating (Moderate, General, or Adult) and the number of avatars present.

Second Life is made up of over 26,000 Regions, each of which is 256 by 256 meters. Regions are also sometimes called 'sims'.

Blue on the map, in a named region, is water. An unnamed blue region is probably "Void Ocean" which cannot be traversed except by teleporting.

Understanding What You See On the Map:

Mainland - Most of the land masses in the middle of the World Map. The Official SL Wiki definition is:
The mainland is a Second Life area in which Linden Lab is the estate owner and exercises elevated discretion regarding content and design. Special rules and policies apply to landowners and businesses on the mainland. The Mainland Policies are incorporated into Second Life's Terms of Service

Private Regions and Homesteads - Land or water where the estate owner is the one in charge and makes his/her own policies regarding use. They may or may not be open to the public.

You will also find:

Linden public 'protected' land that usually has public access but is not available to buy or rent:

  • Landmarks and heritage sites
  • Roads
  • Some waterways
  • Abandoned land being held until it can be re-sold.
Linden Premium Housing - Areas where Premium members may claim dwellings on individual parcels. They are limited to one per premium member, and may not be re-sold. Certain zoning restrictions also apply.
  • First Generation Housing
  • Bellisseria
Linden 'Restricted' Land:

Areas that are restricted to Moles and Lindens. See the red spot on the second map? That is a place where they are building housing regions to be placed in Bellisseria. If you try to teleport there you will get a message "Sorry, you do not have access to that teleport location."

Some Definitions:

Region - an area 256 by 256 meters.
Agni - another word for The Grid. The testing grid is called Aditi*.
Void Ocean - the 'big nothing' between places. You cannot move through it - you will have to teleport over it.
Land - a place with a physical surface.
Water - a physical surface, but covered with water.
Sky - the accessible area over land or water up to about 4000 meters. A lot of people build and live there in what are called "skyboxes".
Continent - usually refers to a mass of 30 or more regions connected to each other in such a way that you can move between the regions without teleporting. Because Sharp has lost Regions some do not consider it a 'real' continent. Sorta like Pluto...

Much of this information is from the Second Life Geography pages, with thanks. 

Looking Back - Gaalthyr - Fantasy Faire 2022

Ships exit the water and sail around Gaalthyr

Gaalthyr above the waters

Below Gaalthyr a sunken ship lies guarded by glowing statues (mermaid outfit a quest prize).


Sponsored by Jeanette’s Joint & Scarlet Fey

The last Fantasy Faire Region I visited was Gaalthyr - a unique world combining land, air, and water. I was tired after two weeks of visiting the Faire, but splashing into the ocean below Gaalthyr was refreshing - I found a sunken ship lay in the depths, guarded by glowing statues.

On the surface paths curled up around a large statue. Between the shops there were tablets which you could click to read parts of a the 'Life of Wilin' - with photos by Amethyst Ytelde and poetry by Banshee Heartsong.

You could ride a circling Gaalthyr Ship to take a tour around the Region.

Both the Gaalthyr Ship and the 'Life of Wilin' book were given as generous Quest prizes.

Introduction to Second Life Geography, Part 4 - Chamonix City

A Skylift up to Mount Blanc where you can try a variety of winter sports. Chamonix City  is actually a group of private regions connected to...