Saturday, August 22, 2020

Why I Am No Longer Blogging About Second Life

Over the years I've read hundreds of blogs about Second Life. Some stopped blogging after slowly decreasing their posting,  and some just stopped suddenly. I've often wondered what happened to some of them.

This information is for anyone who is curious about why I've stopped posting. Maybe it will help someone else from making the same mistakes.

It started when I made the mistake of asking Second Life Support if they could take off the automatic renewal on my premium accounts*.  It ended up with all my accounts being downgraded to Basic, all my virtual land being marked as abandoned, and all my virtual property being returned in lumps. Even though an equivalent amount of virtual property was eventually restored the damage was done. I sold and abandoned the 'land' where the castle had been, and decided to start over in a new location, but found that I could no longer buy land in spite of my alts' premiums being paid through 2021. I was told "That's the way the system works." You have to agree to have automatic renewal or you can't buy land --so now I will either have to rent or set up the accounts to change to a monthly basis.

Do not build your house on the sand.

I had the sudden realization that for years I had been spending too much time and resources on something that was only a virtual reality.  There was no way I could get back what I had lost, because what I had lost was not REAL. 

I no longer trust Second Life.  I have enjoyed being there, but I have decided that I need to take some time away from it. I will probably return some day, if Second Life is still here, and I am still here. 

*I wasn't sure what my situation would be in 2021 when my premium accounts were due to be renewed, and I didn't want to burden someone else with the mess of stopping payments if I was incapacitated. I now realize I should have taken the responsibility of keeping track of due dates and leaving clear instructions.

Thursday, August 20, 2020


New Resident Information
- WhyYou Might Want to Go Premium
-  Why Not to Go Premium
 - Choosing Your Avatar - Part One - 'New' Avatars.
 - Choosing Your Avatar - Part Two - Fantasy Avatars.
 - Choosing Your Avatar - Part Three - Vampires and Other Monsters
 - An Introduction to Mesh Bodies

 - Opening Boxes and Putting on Clothes
 - Teleporting and Reading Maps in Second Life
 - Where to Find Freebies
 - About Gatchas
 - How Not to Buy Land in Second Life

Art in Second Life 
Patrick Moya
Earl Dinkins

Places to Visit
A Quick Tour - The Mainland, Zindra, and the Premium Home Continents
The Great Second Life Railway
ONSR Railway
The Virtual Railway Consortium (VRC)
MadWorld and MadPea Games
Unofficial Tourist Information Office Locations
Whimsy Kaboom and Kaboom

Living in Second Life
Setting a Place As Home
Finding a Place to Hang Your Virtual Hat
Getting a 'First Generation' Premium Home
Getting a 'Second Generation' Premium Home
 The New Linden Homes in Bellisseria

Finding Your Way Around Second Life
Second Life Geography - An Overview
Know Your Continents - Satori
The Lilliputian Isles
Sailing and Boating

How to Find Free Textures in Second Life
Learning to Build

Finding Linden Bears
Greenies - A Part Of Second Life History
Telehubs and Infohubs
Second Life Geographic Institute (SLGI)

The Three-Hour Tour:
 - First Stop - Governor's Mansion, an early Second Life Build
 - Second Stop - Historical Recreation, Buckingham Palace
 - Third Stop - Arcadia Asylum Museum in Mieville
 - Fourth Stop - A Visit to D-Lab
 - Fifth Stop - Exploring the Roads of Second Life
---Route 14
 - Sixth Stop - Pod Tours
 - Where to Get More Information

Sunday, August 9, 2020

Why You Might Want to Become a Premium Member

Entrance to Second Life is currently free, and you do not need to become a Premium member to enjoy most of what it offers. There are some visitors who pride themselves on their 'hobo' lifestyles, and who take advantage of all the 'freebies' out there.

Still at a minimum it is a good idea to have payment information set up on your account so that you can buy Lindens (Second Life money). With Lindens you can get a place to live, buy clothes, etc.. also, some venues do not allow avatars without payment information on file to enter. 

Second Life offers incentives for visitors to become 'Premium' members. They currently are:


A weekly L$300 stipend or allowance. This usually comes on Tuesdays, and you can 'spend' it for a lot of things. Some frugal avatars save it up and cash it out to help pay for their next renewal.

A one-time L$1000 sign-up bonus.

Priority entry when a region is full - Think of it as a VIP entrance. Use of Premium areas and experiences (mainly the Premium sandboxes).

Live-chat customer support (for what it is worth).

Premium virtual gifts - for example, last year they gave out holiday lights and decorations.

More membership slots and increased cap on instant messages.

Voice Morphing for those who use live chat.

The major benefit is the 1024 'free' tier allotment. This allows you to choose a Linden Home (subject to availability), or, if you prefer Mainland, to have 1024 deducted from your tier after you have acquired land from Second Life. (See "How Not To Buy Land" for more information). 


I have been in Second Life for years, and have almost always had at least one Premium alt because I wanted to contribute to the community, and I liked to 'own' land on the Mainland rather than rent. Recent events have left me 'virtually' homeless though and I'm not sure I'm going back.

Still, I don't want my sour grapes to dissuade you.  If you can afford it I would recommend getting a Premium membership. Just don't confuse 'virtual' with 'reality'.

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Why Not to Go Premium

The biggest reason for not going Premium is that you have to agree to automatic renewals - no promise to agree to automatic renewal, you're bounced back to Basic even if you have paid for a year in advance. Please read the fine print before you upgrade. 

Sunday, February 23, 2020

How To Use A Mesh Body - New Resident Services Has A Tutorial

I just got an announcement:

"Ladies! Are you struggling with how to use the mesh bodies? Why not try out this interactive and comprehensive tutorial. You will get a free open source mesh body, and there are nice clothes and shoes.
Why not give it a try!
(Tutorial is for female only at this time. Sorry guys - yours will come later)."
I walked through the tutorial, and plan to come back when it is not so busy.

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Whimsy Kaboom and Kaboom

These two private regions were created by Cheyenne Palisades and she has generously made them open to the public. Over the years, she and her partner Sweetie have worked to bring the landscaping to perfection. This is a a wonderful example of what just a few people can achieve, and I always pick up ideas to improve my own parcel.

The beauty extends from under the water to high in space - but at every turn the humorous touches make this place unique. Be sure to read the signs and pick up the notes and handbooks available at different locations.

Just put "Whimsy Kaboom" or "Kaboom" into your Second Life map. You will probably arrive in the water, but that is just one of the many surprises you will find on your visit. If you want to try for a dry landing, just use one of the Slurls below.
In the same area is a smaller destination
board with directions to the Robot Sanitarium
and Earth Orbit

Every time I visit I find something new to inspire, astonish, or amuse me.

This lands you on solid ground, near a directory of some of the many activities available. Turn around and you'll find a directory of other destinations, like the Robot Sanitarium or Earth Orbit.

You can control the volcano from the viewing platform:

Slurl :

Bob the Paleolithic Drinking Bird is one of the oldest objects here.


Beauty, and danger, but I think the touches of humor make this destination unique. Be sure to read the signs and pick up the notecards.

Have fun!
From the volcano platform you can control the volcano.
Watch out for the control marked "Sacrifice"

Bob the Paleolithic Bobbing Bird is one of the oldest features.
Note: You can pick up a notecard with Landmarks (rather than Slurls) at the Unofficial Tourist Information Center in Ukanipo.

Saturday, January 25, 2020

A Quick Tour - Exploring the Mainland, the Premium Home Continents, and Zindra

Since teleportation is the primary method of transportation here in Second Life, it is very easy to lose track of where you are.

Want to visit all the Mainland Continents, the Premium Home Continents, and Zindra in a short period of time? This tour is for you. 

I have tried to find a neutral teleport destination on each continent where you can stop, look around, and move on to the next site. For those who want a more in-depth stop I have added the closest Pod Station slurl.

Let's start with Corsica:
Revised map - since January, the area has doubled!
If you have Second Life installed the link will take you to the Explorer's Information Center in Paneer, Corsica. Inside the building you will find a variety of maps and information, including a map of Corsica showing the two main routes - Circuit La Corse, and Route 11. There are Explorer Information Centers on 

Another spot to visit in Corsica is

Fishers Rest, Corsica

One Corsica Pod Station is at - Yavascript Pod Station

 Gaeta 1 (The Unfinished Continent)

Lastness Marina and Lighthouse is at
from there you can explore the Sandy Beach Trail, or try sailing around the shoreline.

Lastness Lighthouse, Gaeta 1
There is a Gaeta 1 Pod Station at

 Gaeta 5 - You will arrive at a Fort by an Infohub.A public beach is nearby.

Heterocera has many roads. This slurl will take you to a spot on the High Mountain Road just below Simple's Zoo which is excellent for travelling by horseback. (Horses are in your current 'choose an avatar' menu -  I saved the horse and rider avatar in my outfits, then just added the horse and the riding animation to what I was wearing.) - High Mountain Road
Calleta Pod Station -


In Jeogeot The Lordshore Bridge spans several regions. There are underwater wrecks and a cave nearby.


Magellan crash-landed in Nautilus and his rocket is still there. You can sit in the cockpit and view his first surveillance photos.

First Generation Linden Premium Home Continents

There are actually four First Generation Linden Premium Home continents. Each continent has Meadowbrook, Tahoe, Shareta Osumai, and Elderglen housing communities and infohubs.  In this case we are only going to visit one location on one continent, but it is well worth exploring the rest on your own.

There are no pod tours on any of the First or Second Generation Premium Home Continents
Eastern Premium Continent

Sansara may be considered "The Mother Continent". Second Life started with a small cluster of 16 regions near Da Boom on March 13, 2002.

This will land you next to Caffe DaBoom.
Primitar Avatar courtesy of Second Life Historical Museum
One Sansar Pod Station is at

Satori has Asian-themed signposts, but a diverse Second Life population. This is the end of Route 8 in Bagheera. is the landmark for the Pod Station in Basilisk.

 Sharp Continent used to be the place where teenagers were sent before they were old enough to venture on Mainland. There are many places to visit.

There is a Pod Station at
Zindra:  Linden Lab started a project to create a new continent specifically designed for Adult content. - From here you can take a free sailboat explore the river, head straight back and explore the interior of the power station under Pengallen Bridge, or just walk up to the top of the bridge and look at the statues.

I have found most of the residents I've met there to be very friendly and helpful.

 Bellisseria. This is the "Second Generation" Premium Linden Home Continent. It was first opened to residents in April 2019, and has been steadily adding land and structures. Currently Bellisseria has four styles of housing available: houseboats, traditionals, Victorians, and campers. As long as the "Art Gallery" sign is on the outside then you are free to visit. You can get more information at the Bellisseria Citizens Group Headquarters in Arghh or visit the forums.

There are currently no pod tours in Bellisseria.