Monday, October 24, 2016

Private Railways in Second Life

But wait, there's more...

When I started researching railroads in Second Life I was surprised by how many different ones there were. Here are some of my favorites.
2nd Norway - this sleek shuttle connects all three of the airport sims.

Jimbo's Railway - This little engine covers a lot of territory. Look out for tunnels!

Vintage on the surface, but try a bullet train to the stars! - This sim has traditional trains on the surface, but The Nakamori Galaxy Express leaves the surface and visit other planets and space stations.  Although there are some glitches along the way, I found that taking the train to the Andromeda Galaxy was a very interesting experience. This creator has tremndous imagination.

Train in Neverland - A Michael Jackson fan has made a faithful reproduction of Neverland as it was in its heyday. Besides the train there are amusement rides, a zoo, and a skating rink. The grounds are beautiful.

New York Train - This is actually an island/continent with faithful reproductions of buildings and transportation systems including some very nicely detailed trains.

Train in Grateful Dead Sim - Terrapin Station is the place to catch a train to see this Grateful Dead fan's sim.  There is a flea market near Mars Hotel (also a museum) and teleports to many interesting areas. (On my last visit the train was out of service, but you can use the teleports.)

Train in Whimsy Kaboom Whimsy and Whimsy Kaboom has dozens of great attractions besides the Whimsy train. One of my favorite places here is the Robot Sanitorium. 

You can go anywhere on a train

If you like trains, why not make your own railroad? Here in Yeodeol is a place that will sell you some supplies.Yeodeoltrains.jpg

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