Sunday, October 2, 2016

Art In Second Life: Patrick Moya


Patrick Moya is an artist in Real Life and in Second Life. He is one of the first real life artists to investigate the possibilities of digital art, and I think that Second Life is a perfect showcase for his work.

Moya Land is hard to describe. It is huge, covering four sims, and crowded with an exhuberant display of his work in many media.  I find it to be as wonderful as a brand new box of crayons.

Inside the Tourist Info Center at Moya Land
you will find a map with teleport links to various
destinations in Moya Land. 

Patrick Moya's early career included working as a nude model, and it has been suggested that this helped him overcome any false modesty so that he could use a self-representation of himself - a 'moya' (the 'little Moya') as a central theme in his art.
To get an idea how big this "M" is, the dot on the top-left
of the "M" is a full-sized avatar. 

In addition to the many 'moyas', his last name, MOYA,  is everywhere, from simple sculptures made of the letters "M", "O", "Y", and "A" to immense structures that house galleries of his work, art within art.

Another common motif is a sheep named "Dolly", often found dancing. The artist himself is usually depicted as a short balding cartoonish character, but also as the winged male avatar he wears in Second Life.
Dancing Dollys
Moya is the creator, the audience, and the show itself.

His website shows many of his projects and some of his real life exhibitions have been reproduced in Moya Land.  For example, last year he had an exhibit in the Miller White Fine Arts Gallery on Cape Cod and you will find a replica of that Gallery in Moya Land.  Here is a video he made for that exhibition.

Besides the replicas of real life artwork, there is other art that could only exist in Second Life. Look for a sign that says "Not a Tower" for the entrance to an art-path that travels the interior of the giant letters of his last name.

There is nothing for sale here, although there is a boutique with a nice selection of free t-shirts.

Everywhere in Moya Land there are places to explore, and things you can ride on. There is even a flaming hoop you can jump through. Be sure to visit the interior of the large Pyramid. Sometimes, for a change of pace, you will find pieces of non-Moya art, like the Mona Lisa, exhibited, but they seem rather dull compared to Moya's work. All in all, I find Moya Land amazing, and even though parts of it still confuse me, it always makes me smile.

(This blog entry is an update of one I made on a different site over a year ago. When I went back to take more pictures I found Moya Land to be even better than before. )

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