Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Okema, Nakiska & Southern Railway, otherwise known as ONSR

Signpost at Smithers Bluff in Smithers Firth Land

I'm only putting in a few slurls here, because when you land at
you will see the large mapboard (shown above) which will give you a list of all the stops and more information about the Railway.
ONSR started as a private build. Resident Veronica Quackenbush worked to get the right of way, and Kitto Flora scripted cars and switches. Later Linden Lab commissioned Kitto Flora to build the extension of ONSR all the way to Wengen, so now the Railroad crosses 13 sims and serves ten stops or stations.

Some train cars on a siding - you may also
 see other trains and pods travelling part of the route.

Although the sign and the notecard list Smithers Firth Station as #12, I prefer to start at Smithers and head towards Wengen. The Snowlands along the route are lovely, and it is especially beautiful at night when the lights are casting colored shadows on the snow. At Egan you may want to stop at D.J. Station and take the personal-sized ferry across to Qie Niangao's large map of Mainland Railroads.

Okema Gorge

At Wengen, look past the Chalet towards the platform by the Alpine road, where the Moles have made an Aureole viewing area complete with a Hot Moley Spud Oven and a Ginger Beer Dispenser. If you're lucky, you might see the Aurora.

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  1. Oh my goodness! Thank you for posting this. There is a stop across the river from my house...and I have wondered where the train that travelled it went. And now I know, I am going to ride that railway! :-)