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The Virtual Railway Consortium

There are signs along the route showing stations and vehicle traffic.

The Virtual Railway Consortium (VRC) is headquartered at Tuliptree  I suggest you stop there first to read the Information Wall and pick up the landmark folders.

The VRC (Formerly known as the Second Life Railroad) manages the rail lines that circle the Heterocera Atoll and coordinates traffic along the route. The lines cross eighty sims, and there are over sixty landmarks along the way.

To me, this circle of track and multiple stations represent the best of what can be done when Residents and Linden Lab cooperate.

I has been hard to select just a few of the landmarks to show as examples, since each station and site is unique.  Some stations were made by residents and some by the moles of Linden Lab. Right now the SLRR is not running regular trains on the line, but you will find Yavanna's pods and also vehicles from the Second Life Geography Institute on some of the route. Someone suggested that you can "Bring Your Own Engine" so that if you've always wanted to be an engineer you can pick up a free locomotive and run it around the loop. (Don't go too fast, because Second Life may not be able to catch up.)

Here is my short list of landmarks along the loop.

Calleta Station

Calleta Station

It's a bit run down, but then it matches the theme of the area. . While you are in Calleta be sure to visit the areas of Aley Asylum freebies, Hobo Junction, and Wheedles.

Jubata Station

The Station looks pretty ordinary, until you go inside. 


Train hanging over Sword of Damocles Diner

If you look down the track to the right, you can see the installation made by Reger Difference hanging over his Sword of Damocles Diner. You can also see a bit of the Great Wall up the hill, which is worth a visit.

Lapara Station and Old Lapara Town 

Interesting things all over town. Here are some 'jelly deer'.

Lapara Station is haunted, but I assure you the ghosts are friendly.  When you visit,  be sure to take the trolley tour.

Tenera Station

There were several station-building contests. This one was a winner.

Some of the earlier station-designing contests limited prim use, but later contests allowed more. You have to step back quite a ways to see that this station is sheltered by a giant robot. The nearby Crumbi station shows how you can build on a triangular plot.  If you look down the hill behind the robot, you can see the Second Life Volunteer Center.

Lappet Station and Brightside Station 

View from Brightside Tower towards Lappet Station

If you get off at Lappet Station you can walk across the tracks and catch a monorail to Brightside Station. In addition to a nice display of rail equipment and an interesting station, Brightside also has a small train line of its own.

Bhaga End Station

About all that remains of the great steamworks
 that used to be in the area are some signs and
 this green pissoir. (Don't disturb the occupant.)

Nearby is an operating ferry dock.


The safe is open and empty. What's the story here?
Melanthia Station is apparently a distribution center for local dairy products.


Radioactive Plusia 

 Look by the back fence for LDPW Fan Club stuff.  There is also a train turntable behind it.


A nice watercolor from the time that VCR was SLRR
Check the nearby market area for a Monty Python reference, and visit the public pier and beach.

Pavonia End Station 

An old traction engine behind the old building, and an old
LDPW beam engine inside the building. 

Go past the building and the traction engine and you will come to a part of SL Route 6, The High Mountain Road.

Run your own train:

Here I'm racing down the tracks in my free Hobo Train. (I felt the flying 
monkey avatar was appropriate.)
At several places along the route you can pick up different free trains. If you rezz them near the tracks they will automatically find their way, and driving is simple.

Have fun!

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