Friday, August 5, 2016

Second Life Geography Institute

Riding the SLGI Voyager 
The Second Life Geography Institute is an ambitious project started in 2013 by Resident Ana Imfinity. She said her goal was to share her love of the places in Second Life with others. The Institute has three major projects:
  • Second Life Geography Institute (which is inworld) has two physical locations that serve as starting points for the SLGI vehicles. They are in Achemon (trains) and Thorlaug (fleet). 
  • Second Life Geography Wikia (an encyclopedic collection of articles on Second Life Geography): Here is a sample page:

  • This is part of a sample page of the SLGI Wiki

  • SLGI Transportation Systems (SLGI operates vehicles which make scheduled routes through different parts of Second Life). The Spaceship Voyager was pictured above - here are some of the other vehicles:
Here is one of the SLGI buses after it took to the air.

Another type of SLGI vehicle

Here, a partially-rezzed SLGI train

SLGI Trains: There are currently twelve different trains, each with a different route. Each train is scheduled to make four runs per day. You can learn more about the trains and their schedules, and see maps of their routes on the Wiki. They are convertible, like Yavanna's pods, and they have regular schedules. They run automatically.

Here is a page that describes one of the vehicles, the "Dam".

Sample description of one of the vehicles and a map showing route. 
Each vehicle also has a schedule. Here is one of the shorter ones:

I have added the red and dark blue information, 
because I once confused "distance" with "approximate arrival time."

The fleet consists of nine spaceships which travel different routes.  See the snapshot of one of the spaceships at the top of this page. 
The Route of the Ship New Horizons,
whose circuit takes over 8 hours. 

SLGI has worked very carefully with residents and Linden Lab to ensure that these vehicles will not become nuisances or road hazards. They operate under the following guidelines:

- The vehicles are set up to be Phantom so that they cannot collide with residents or other vehicles. Here is a snapshot I took of two vehicles that were in the same place at the same time  - the flying car and the flying bus just went right through each other with no harm to either vehicle or passenger.

-All are set to be low-lag and low prim. There are no particle effects or lights with one exception: When the spaceship's plutonium core is released when it changes scripts.

-In order to keep roads and waterways clear, some vehicles fly above the surface. Trains follow the railway at ground level but may fly in busy areas or near switches. ( I first became aware of these vehicles when I was walking down some tracks in the Snowlands and one of the SLGI trains came up behind me and then very carefully left the tracks to go around me. )

- Another thing the vehicles do is to teleport and/or become invisible when crossing certain areas so that they do not annoy residents. 

The SLGI asks that you notify them if you are aware of any problem with their vehicles. 

All in all, the SLGI Institute is a great addition to Second Life. This blog entry is just a brief glimpse at what they have accomplished and what they are planning on doing. Please read their Wikia for more information. 

If you want to ride one of the SLGI vehicles, either click on one as it passes, or catch one as it leaves the launching sites at Achemon and Thorlaug. 

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