Thursday, July 21, 2016

Route 14

The lovely brick road was made by Abnor Mole.

This is one of my favorite roads, although it is relatively short.  There are vehicle rezz spots along the way, but it is easier to stop and read the Map Kiosks if your vehicle is a wearable bike.
SL Route 14.PNG
Map from the Second Life Wiki
Route 14 doesn't connect with other roads, but starts near Sandy Trunks Beach and passes by Seven Chickens Bridge, Dead Mole's Curve, until it reaches the End of the Line Inn.
View of road and map kiosk

Sandy Trunks Beach (1)

Seven Chickens Bridge (2)

Dead Mole's Curve (3)

End Of The Line Inn (4) 

See if you can find where the Innkeeper kept his booze.  There may be hidden treasure there!

There used to be a road extension connecting Route 14 to the 3-N-1 Club, and I've read that the Club used to give out free scooters to their patrons. Alas, the extension and the Club are no more. In fact, while I was trying to find if there were traces of the old road I found ban lines instead.

I've also been told that a long time ago residents had requested that Route 14 be joined to Route 13, not too far away, but it seemed there were reasons that couldn't be done.  One of the pod tours gets from Route 14 to Route 13 by travelling over some abandoned property.

By the way, I just bought a 512 in Grolphook on Route 14.  I'm hoping to make it a center for information about roads in Second Life. There's not much there now, but you are welcome to stop in and look around.

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