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The Lilliputian Isles

This is an updated version of what I posted on my blog Warty Bliggens back in July 2015. I first found out about this chain of islands, and many other places in Second Life, in a 2014 forum post by Resident Curious Hazelnut. She wrote:


yet anther series of islands with a mini quest:


but that got me started.

The Second Life Wiki had a little more information.


Lilliputian Isles

This is a chain of islands themed for unusually small avatars. While anyone can visit, if you're bipedal and under a meter tall you'll find the furnishings scaled to fit you.


Explore this small-scale old stone fortress. Fire off the zap cannons, sunbathe on the rooftop garden, loot some treasure, or sit around and fish.


The Lilliputian Isles off the Northeast Coast of Satori

Although the Lilliputian Isles are off the coast of Satori, they appear to have been completed some time afterwards, so I am putting them in a separate entry.

The best way to visit is to teleport or fly between islands. Be aware that the islands are at the edge of the universe, so you will have to detour around some empty spots rather than fly in a direct line all the time. You can also take one of the frequent Yavapod tours connecting the islands, or you can sail between the islands if you are careful.

Start at Danu. The first clue that these islands were made for tinies is the gate you can see in the wall across the island.  If you are too tall, you won't be able to get through the gate. I couldn't find the Inworld place I got a free tiny avatar last year, so you may have to go to the Marketplace. If you don't mind paying a few Lindens, I like my cat avatar from Kowloon, and my hedgehog from Wynxworks.

The gate in Danu. (In my house, the cat always thinks he is on the wrong side of the door.)
Next stop is the lighthouse in Redoubtable.  If you go inside, you will see that it is called the Tiny Isles Quest Hub.  I do not know why it is called that. A search for "Tiny Isles Quest" leads me to this, and that is the only clue I have so far.

The cat looks in a drawer.
Stop at the small island between the lighthouse and the next large island in Intrepid. You will find a ruined tower, and nearby,  a coracle just the right size for tinies.

As you approach the larger island, the Tiny Isle of Mist, you will get a message that this is a place best explored by night.
Approaching the Tiny Isle of Mist. Environment set to "Midnight".

There is a mini-quest on the Tiny Isle of Mist, but I am not going to give you many clues here - just explore everything and read the messages you get when you touch things. I love the whole island, and wish I had the skills to make a place like this.

There is a Fairy Grove on Brillant, but I have never been able to catch a fairy there.

Genereux has a deserted village. The houses look like vases, or giant pods.  Yet another mystery.

My cat finds the most comfortable pod on the island.

Glorieux is a base for construction vehicles used by the Linden Department of Public Works. One of these days I'm going to find one of the vehicles unlocked....

An LDPW Construction Site 

Next stop, Meauxle Bureaux. This "Mole Village" was originally built by Kayle Matzerath for the 2012 Fantasy Faire (an event to raise money for the American Cancer Society). Instead of being demolished at the end of the event,  Linden Lab acquired the whole build and moved it to this site. The places that used to hold Faire merchants are now furnished to represent homes of the Linden Moles.

Each home is unique, and it would take many days to explore everything. This time I explored a room with a lot of books, a nice fire, and a cozy rug. Oops - when I went outside I saw the sign says that this room was for Michael Linden. I'm sure glad it was not his real home.

Taking a catnap on a soft rug. 
Formidable is a fort placed on an island that has seen recent volcanic activity. Investigate the rooms, try out the guns, but watch out for boobytraps!

I don't know why a cat can't be king!

The last island is Impetueux - there is nothing there especially to suggest it was made for tinies, except that it has a French name, like most of the others.

I hope you enjoy visiting the Lilliputian Isles.

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