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Art in Second Life: Resident Earl Dinkin

Earl Dinkin's Art, Poetry, and Sculpture

(Originally posted on 9-20-16)

(Used with permission of the Artist)

Ask "What is art?" and you will get a lot of different answers, for example:

– Sol LeWitt (1928–2007), American artist, "Sentences on Conceptual Art," in Art and Its Significance, edited by Stephen David Ross (1994)

In Second Life we are surrounded by what I consider art. A build or a landscape can be a work of art. An avatar who carefully puts together a body, attachments, and animations can be a work of art. Art can be sim-wide interactive installations, public performances, or machinima.

And there is the art that you know is "Art" because it is put into an Art Gallery.

I read that at one count there were over a thousand art galleries in Second Life. I've been to a lot of them. Some I disliked because they had too many of the "Indian Maiden In Snow Surrounded by Wolves" type of paintings. I felt that other galleries didn't take advantage of Second Life's unique environment: they were set up just like Real Life galleries, with flat paintings on flat walls.  Some of the galleries, though, took advantage of Second Life's possibilities.

I especially like the galleries of Earl Dinkin. I found the first one by accident. I was travelling and noticed sculptures on a lawn next to the road.  Further from the road, by the water, was the building with the flooded basement that gave the gallery its name.

The Flooded Basement Gallery

Yes, that's a washing machine on the left

Later I was to visit all ten of Earl Dinkin's galleries in Second Life. Each one is different, but they all display some of the hundreds of pastel drawings that the artist has created using his lucid dreaming technique.

When you visit them be sure to read the text over each painting. Note how the art is placed in the gallery and the way the gallery is set up. I don't recommend trying to visit all of the galleries in one go, you can get museum fatigue. 

All These Paintings Face the Walls: (This gallery is no longer there.)

The paintings are on the outside of the buildings. Inside, you can only see the backs.

The True Gallery Called Remember: 

The True Gallery Called Remember

This Galley has some of my favorites pastel paintings like "The Cat saying we could Never be Friends Explaining its Paw over the Barrier demonstrates its Political Views are too Radical fo Me."

Eveything for the Complete Space Traveler:

Paintings on display under the observation window

 This gallery hangs in the sky over Miffen Shade.

Eye Duct Works: (This gallery no longer there).

The paintings are in the open,  on both sides of lines of black rectangles.

The Deep Art Deep Gallery:

Deep Art Deep Gallery

Far under water the paintings float in a submerged living room. A dolphin seems to be inspecting one. On the surface the only clue that there is anything below is an elephant treading water under a poem.

The Gallery that Will Never Thrill:

The Gallery That Will Never Thrill

 A black circular building. A dark hallway surrounds an open center with....a circular pen with a grazing sheep.

The If Work Art Gallery. 

The outside of the house is all glass, perhaps because some of the neighbors are hiding behind ugly privacy walls.

The Gallery of Undecided Sun: 

From above, outside the Gallery.

Galley of some paintings and sculpture inside a modern house on the water. Outside is the "Home Hydrogen Generator"

The Man Against Eternity Tour: (Alas, there is now a bar on this spot)

What was there: Paintings contemplating an unusual gazebo.

About the Artist:

The artist describes his work as:
"bottomlessly symbolic deadpan outsider art type pastels from lucid dreams" -

 Earl Dinkin, whose RL pseudonym is  "Epic Dewfall", writes about his creative process here. If you do a web search you will find other articles about him and his method. Here is an early interview by Richard Wilkerson, and an article about his Second Life Galleries in Kultivate magazine. He has also put a few videos on UTube.

His paintings are done in pastels in real life and transferred to Second Life. He has also started to do digital art. His sculptures are unique to Second Life.

The Poetry:  

Most of his poetry is in the form of quatrains. Here is one I like:

Rank  #1800  

That is the strongest shield.
When anger sounds like don't.
Nothing can hurt the warmth of self.
When a kitten's hidden in your coat.

Several of his galleries have "Quatrain columns" that you can buy, and they will emit random quatrains in the same way that some creators have flowers that emit butterflies.

My feeling is that English is not a language best-suited for rhymes.

The Sculpture:

There is not as much sculpture as there are paintings and poetry.

The Eagle Sculpture

Unfortunately, slurls from my blog don't always work. If I reopen the Unofficial Tourist Office I will provide updated notecards.


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