Friday, August 5, 2016

Second Life Geography Institute (Updated 5-15-2019)

Riding the SLGI Voyager 
The Second Life Geography Institute was an ambitious project started in 2013 by Resident Ana Imfinity. She said her goal was to share her love of the places in Second Life with others. The Institute had three major projects:
  • Second Life Geography Institute (which was inworld) had two physical locations that served as starting points for the SLGI vehicles. They were in Achemon (trains) and Thorlaug (fleet). These locations still exist, but no longer send out vehicles.
  • Second Life Geography Wikia (an encyclopedic collection of articles on Second Life Geography): Here is a sample page:

  • This is part of a sample page of the SLGI Wiki

  • SLGI Transportation Systems (SLGI operated vehicles which made scheduled routes through different parts of Second Life). The Spaceship Voyager was pictured above - here are some of the other vehicles:
Here is one of the SLGI buses after it took to the air.

Another type of SLGI vehicle

Here, a partially-rezzed SLGI train