Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Great Second Life Railway

The Great Second Life Railway was started in the early days of Second Life. The first station was set up in Slate, and the first track went to a sandbox in Olive.  Right now the red cars run relatively frequently between Mocha and Purple, and you will also see some Yavapods on part of the route.

Athos Murphy was the resident who had the idea of copying railroad designs from 1890 to 1930 and who helped design the route and even built some of the stations. You can get a notecard he wrote describing his plans from dispensers near some stations.
Map in Slate Station showing the proposed route.
I propose starting at Mocha Station, near the Mocha Cathedral.

Along the scenic GSLR route.

The next station is in Olive, where the track splits. One loop goes around Jopsy Pendragon's magnificent builds, and I highly recommend taking the detour.  Olive Station is at

The next stop is Slate. This is the first station, and looks quite small compared to most of the newer stations. . Across the tracks from the train station you will find a balloon ride that will take you to multiple destinations. 

Periwinkle Station is next. - the grounds around the station include some older visitor information, gifts, a nice park and  a playground.

Last stop on this continent is the Purple Dock Station and the Purple Ferry Terminal. They are close together so I am just giving you the slurl for the station.

Walk towards the water to take a ferry to Cecropia.

From the dock here you can take the ferry across the ANWR passage to Cecropia. To teleport use the slurl but it is more fun to take the ferry. There have been days when I haven't been able to find a ferry, if that happens, you can just fly across. 
GSLR Ferry

Midway between Purple and Cecropia sims is the ANWR Rig (I understand that is named after the acronym for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.) This is where primoleum is pumped out of the ground and made into prims. The ferry makes a short stop there in both directions.

After Cecropia, I don't think the GSLR continues; however, there is a Pod tour to take you from the Cecropia Station to the Station in Calleta.

If you are wondering about the green pool near the station in Cecropia, it's the Grief Containment Holding Facility.

This is how the route was supposed to continue. 
Next stop, the Virtual Railway Consortium, which has tracks crossing over 80 sims!

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