Sunday, June 5, 2016

The Three-Hour Tour - 4th Stop, Up Up and Away to D-Lab

Map of D-Lab on Mainland

The panda is so big you can see him on the map
Walk or fly up the hill and click the green rocket

D-Lab offers the ultimate in kawaii, or terminally cute, objects, that are much prized by collectors. Be sure to check out the little animated figures in the enclosure to the left of the rocket ship.  I always enjoy visiting and seeing what is new, but sometimes it is hard for me to resist buying something! is the ground entrance, the store proper is actually at 4005 feet. Have you ever wondered why sometimes it seems as if there is no one in Second Life? Part of the reason is that many people prefer to build in the sky. If D-Lab hadn't thought to add this colorful entrance on the ground, you could go by and never know.

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