Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Welcome to Second Life

This website is intended to be an introduction to destinations in Second Life. Second Life covers a large area and it is easy to get lost or overwhelmed.

How large? Back in 2009 a Second Life Resident named Icarus Fallen started out to map the Mainland Continent of Sansara. In 2013 he had visited 531 sims and estimated he had 499 to go. Before he stopped the project he wrote that when he had finished he was going to have to start over again because so much had been changed.

If you haven't visited Second Life yet, now is a good time. Basic membership is free and the application process is easy. The hardest part might be finding a resident name that someone isn't already using. You might try Scrabble Helper at Wordplay or Anagram Maker at Wordsmith just to get some ideas. I also recommend choosing a classic, rather than a mesh avatar at first, because you will find it easier to customize.