Sunday, June 5, 2016

The Three-Hour Tour - 3rd Stop, Under the Sea in Mieville Pond

Map of Mieville Sim Cluster -  Again, it is in the middle of the Void Ocean, so  don't lose the teleport coordinates.
Resting on one of Nemo's domes while a sea serpent swims by
Although much of what appears to be 'ocean' on the map is actually Void, there are still many underwater places you can explore. One of them is in Mieville Pond ( - this is a SLURL, or Second Life Uniform Resource Locator. It works like a URL, but you will have to download a viewer in order to use it.)

As you look around, be aware that most of the structures, vehicles and sea creatures were made by former resident Arcadia Asylum, and you can find many more of her other creations in a building to the south. All of them are free.
Arcadia Asylum Living Library
While you are there, why not pick up a free bicycle from the vendor on the right as you enter?

A free bicycle is just one of many kinds of vehicles.

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