Sunday, June 5, 2016

The Three-Hour Tour - 1st Stop, The Governor's Mansion - Example of An Early Build

The red circle shows its location on the Mainland.
Governor Linden's Mansion

Visting Governor Linden's Mansion might seem boring at first, unless you realize its place in Second Life History. It was built in 2002 before Second Life was even called "Second Life". Back then Second Life was called Linden World, and was still in early Alpha testing. According to legend, a resident named Stellar Sunshine built the Mansion in one all-night session. Later, when Beta testing started the Mansion was given to the Lindens by Stellar to preserve it, and it was moved to Clementina.

To the basement
To get to the basement, which has some (mostly unexplained) historical artifacts, the easiest way is through the hole in the bottom of the swimming pool.

Remember that this was built when all they had was prims, but it was before Second Life switched over to Version 2.1 and the "Prim Allotment Via Land Amount" system replaced the old "tax-based system".

To me the Mansion is a reminder that most of the great (and not so great) builds in Second Life were made by ordinary people, not by a big corporation. A sign at the edge of the property will direct you to the Ivory Tower of Prims, a good place to learn how to build with prims. After visiting the tower you will be ready to go to the nearby public sandbox and bang a few prims together. Welcome to Second Life, where it is truly "Your World, Your Imagination." You may be on your way to becoming a builder!

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